Enabling a future in Space for everyone


How to Design a Space Missions


Start your own Space Startup


Know the Universe and Explore Space


Space Mining for Resources


Experience Space Travel


Applications for Earth and Space

One course, everything for your future in space!

The Space Literacy course provides knowledge to all relevant areas of Space. The goal is to give everyone interested to launch a career, build a startup, travel to space, or just have great conversations a save and tested path to gain all needed information.

The A Future In Space Initiative collaborates with companies all over the world to keep the price of the course as far down as possible.

Our goal is to make the course accessible for everyone no matter the income or country. The course will be available in 6 languages and we hope to be far below USD1,000. But we are extremely proud to be able to provide at least 1,000 fully funded scholarships! This is possible through the tremendous support we have from the Space industry.

Don’t wait and signup below and to be with the first to hear about our launch da,  admissions requirements and scholarship options.

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